Can you trade from old Pokemon games to new after 3ds eshop shuts down?

Pretty much the topic name but I saw nintendo 3ds eshop is shutting down soon and with that poke transporter won’t be accessible anymore. I think that was the only way to get Pokemon from old gba games up to the latest games. I think there was a way to transfer all the way from gameboy (Pokemon Yellow) all the way up to Switch but if transporter is going…what now

you cant trade them from the original gb games all the way to sv cuz you cant trade from gen 2 to 3 but you can transfer virtual console gen 1/2 mons to bank and then home (and ofc from gba onwards to home)
as for the actual question it depends if bank is shutting down along with the eshop which i dont think it is but im unsure

wait nvm i didnt fully read it
if poke transporter is going too then i think the only way out would be with a homebrewed 3ds if there even is a homebrew equivalent of it

edit: i googled it and bank/transporter arent shutting down until further notice so no hurry to transfer all your pokemon from bank yet (but you do need to run to download bank and transporter while you can although homebrew exists)

I remember now. You can transfer from gen 1/2 but its fire red/soul silver, the remakes basically, then transfer to 4 and up. It needed poke transporter. The gb/gbc ones aren’t transferrable, I thought they were but remembered it’s just the remakes. Then you go up the usual way but if transporter is going then basically you can only transfer from gen onwards once/if it goes down.

Tbh I don’t even have any of the physical old copies anymore lol i was just curious


If the Nintendo 3DS eShop is shutting down and Poke Transporter won’t be accessible anymore, it may be more difficult to transfer Pokemon from old GBA games to the latest games. However, there may still be some alternative options available.

One option could be to use a third-party software or device to transfer Pokemon between different games. However, it is important to note that using unauthorized third-party software or devices could potentially damage your games or consoles and may even result in the loss of your saved data.