Trading Tips, Tags & Rules

Please be polite when making a trade, be respectful of the trader’s island/town rules. When making a new thread use one of the following tags in order to help your thread be found quickly:

  • Cataloguing - When you’re looking to catalogue particular items or offering items for others to catalogue.

  • Clothing - For trading shirts, hats, trousers, pants, dresses, socks, shoes, bags and other items bought from Ables or Kicks.

  • DIY Trading - For selling DIY recipe cards or looking for particular ones.

  • Furniture - For trading furniture items.

  • Gardening - For selling services or items specifically for gardening including
    but not limited to hedges, hybrids & flowers.

  • Materials - For trading rocks, wood, nuggets, branches, star fragments, weeds and items required for crafting.

  • NMT - Bell Exchange - For exchanging bells to NMT & vice versa

  • Services - For offering or looking for services such as de-weeding, island moving (holding items), flower watering, island map designing, tidying, paying off loans/projects.

  • Turnips - For opening your island for others to sell turnips to your Nooks. If you’re looking to sell your turnips, please use the ‘Looking for High Prices’ thread.

  • Villager Trading - When selling villagers please either use following:

    1. Gifted or Ungifted tag
    2. Villager in Boxes tag
    3. Free Villager (if free)

Misc - If anything doesn’t fit into the above feel free to use misc or your own tag. Not using the correct tag won’t result in any warnings, they are there purely to help others find your thread more easily. For example, If you click the “Materials” tag on any thread, it will only show you threads regarding materials. Use tags to help you find what you find faster.