Welcome & Intro Thread

New to the forum? Introduce yourself here! Feel free to use the following template or make your own (or just say hi!)

Pronouns: He/They
Music Taste:
Top 3 games:
How you found us:

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idk if i should make one since ive been here for 2 years but yea :instaregret:
name: diana
sexuality/gender: i dont even know at this point
pronouns: she/they
hobbies: none
music taste: depressed 14 year old stuff, its in my profile tho
games i like: both ori games, celeste, pokemon (fav is b2w2 i think), way more that i cant think of
how you found us: tier list

Lol “i dont even know at this point”, i’ll add gender in there. I should prob do one too:

Name: Ray/Ray-Chu
Sexuality: Gay/Demi
Gender: Male/Paraboy
Pronouns: He/They, She/Her, Any except They
Hobbies: Gaming, Modding, Web Dev
Music Taste: Classical, Pop, VG OST
Top 3 games: Paper Mario 2, Tales of Symphonia, Animal Crossing
How you found us: How indeed

Name: Lena/Lux/Weiss
Sexuality: idek
Gender: Transfem :transgender_flag:
Pronouns: She/They
Hobbies: Gaming 917433703083433984 not much else, I also work as a Web Dev (JS, VB, C#, Java, SQL, HTML, CSS…)
Music Taste: mainly video game music, metal, jpop, rock, but anything that’s not like super generic pop music is fine
Top 3 games: Minecraft, Pokémon (fav are HGSS and PMD EoS), Zelda BotW
How you found us: tier list :ok_hand:

Name: Harley
Sexuality: :fried_egg:sexual
Gender: Non-binary/Demi-Boy
Pronouns: He/They
Hobbies: Animal Crossing & Squishmallows
Music Taste: I pretty much love everything except for overtly religious music!
Top 3 Games: ACNH, Lollipop Chainsaw & Minecraft
How I Found This: I found the OG tier list from it being tagged in a RyanFTW video ALL the way back in 2020. I found this forum from the advertisement in the discord :two_hearts:

Name: Mesy
Sexuality: bisexual
Gender: trans man
Pronouns: He/him/his
Hobbies: gaming, art, exersise
Music Taste: metal
Top 3 games:pokemon, cart/racing games, world-building
How you found us: Animal crossing portal discord

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Name: Lily Acer
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Playing
Music Taste: Classic
Top 3 games: Action, Racing, Mystery
How you found us: friend

Name: Kody/Omar
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Hobbies: Gaming, Art
Music Taste: Techno or any music like that
Top 3 games: Animal Crossing, Splatoon, I think any Mii games
How you found us: On the tier list

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Hi all!!! My name is Buckland Metcalfe, and I’m excited to join this Animal Crossing Portal forum. I just recently started playing Animal Crossing, and I just fell in love with this cute and cozy world. I love exploring my island, building a house, collecting different items, and interacting with the animal characters. I also love designing my island beautifully and sharing my ideas with other players. I am very interested in communicating with you, learning new tips and tricks, and sharing my experiences and ideas. If you have any tips for a newbie, please share them with me. I am always open to new ideas and willing to learn more about the game. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and becoming an active member of this wonderful community. Thanks for the welcome, and see you on the forum!

Best wishes,
Buckland Metcalfe.

Name: david son
Sexuality: straight
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He
Hobbies: entrepreneur
Music Taste: don’t like music
Top 3 games: assassin’s creed, NFS most wanted, mini militia apk.
How you found us: by google

Name: Marki (Naomi nickname)
Sexuality: Straight as a line
Gender: Male
Pronouns: Not here/Not there…kidding….he/his/him
Hobbies: Games, Music, Anime & Movies of Brad Pitt
Music Taste: No preference as long as the beats hit the heart & mind.
Top 3 games: I hope it’s not limited to any platform. So, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Resident Evil 4 Remake and God of War
How you found us: By google search.

Author: Arturo Chapman
the male
Adjectives: he
Hobbies include music, writing, and reading. Nose: Traditional, do my online course

Hello, I am new here! :star2: My name is [Your Name], and I’m excited to be a part of this vibrant community. As a newcomer, I look forward to connecting with fellow members, exploring insightful discussions, and learning from all the valuable knowledge shared here. Feel free to say hello or share any tips as I embark on this exciting journey with all of you! Let’s make the most out of this experience together. :blush:

Realised I introduced myself in the wrong place XD
Once again,

I’m Miguel.
Cis’ straight guy (he, cuz I could never be him).
I like most kind of music preferable early 90s rap, RnB, and good old school Uk garage.
I like science and experiments, as well as most active sports as well and gymming with my partner.
I found this forum from the ACNH villager tier list and thought it looked fun.
Top three games would be: spider man ps4, Jedi survivor and NFS unbound. I play ACNH on my way to work and when I’m outside, but I’m slowly falling back in love with my island.
For any one interested, my DA code is DA-9551-2335-3495, Come have a poke around or DM me if you fancy a visit my islands is gonna be under construction for a few months but please feel free to join and share you comments and criticism :+1:t4:
The creator code is MA-5393-8156-9771.
I look forward to seeing you all around !

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Name: Leo
Sexuality: at this point I don’t care
Gender: trans masc
Pronouns: He/Him
Hobbies: cozy gaming, cooking, drawing, research of basically any kind, reading, watching anime, collecting beanie babies, and listening to music
Music Taste: mostly anything besides country but my top are: punk, rock, metal, vocaloid, electric, and tango
Favorite games: I was a teenage exocolonist, spirtfarer, pokemon, monster prom, stardew valley, and animal crossing
How you found us: tier list