Welcome & Intro Thread

New to the forum? Introduce yourself here! Feel free to use the following template or make your own (or just say hi!)

Pronouns: He/They
Music Taste:
Top 3 games:
How you found us:

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idk if i should make one since ive been here for 2 years but yea :instaregret:
name: diana
sexuality/gender: i dont even know at this point
pronouns: she/they
hobbies: none
music taste: depressed 14 year old stuff, its in my profile tho
games i like: both ori games, celeste, pokemon (fav is b2w2 i think), way more that i cant think of
how you found us: tier list

Lol “i dont even know at this point”, i’ll add gender in there. I should prob do one too:

Name: Ray/Ray-Chu
Sexuality: Gay/Demi
Gender: Male/Paraboy
Pronouns: He/They, She/Her, Any except They
Hobbies: Gaming, Modding, Web Dev
Music Taste: Classical, Pop, VG OST
Top 3 games: Paper Mario 2, Tales of Symphonia, Animal Crossing
How you found us: How indeed

Name: Lena/Lux/Weiss
Sexuality: idek
Gender: Transfem :transgender_flag:
Pronouns: She/They
Hobbies: Gaming 917433703083433984 not much else, I also work as a Web Dev (JS, VB, C#, Java, SQL, HTML, CSS…)
Music Taste: mainly video game music, metal, jpop, rock, but anything that’s not like super generic pop music is fine
Top 3 games: Minecraft, Pokémon (fav are HGSS and PMD EoS), Zelda BotW
How you found us: tier list :ok_hand:

Name: Harley
Sexuality: :fried_egg:sexual
Gender: Non-binary/Demi-Boy
Pronouns: He/They
Hobbies: Animal Crossing & Squishmallows
Music Taste: I pretty much love everything except for overtly religious music!
Top 3 Games: ACNH, Lollipop Chainsaw & Minecraft
How I Found This: I found the OG tier list from it being tagged in a RyanFTW video ALL the way back in 2020. I found this forum from the advertisement in the discord :two_hearts:

Name: Mesy
Sexuality: bisexual
Gender: trans man
Pronouns: He/him/his
Hobbies: gaming, art, exersise
Music Taste: metal
Top 3 games:pokemon, cart/racing games, world-building
How you found us: Animal crossing portal discord

Name: Lily Acer
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Playing
Music Taste: Classic
Top 3 games: Action, Racing, Mystery
How you found us: friend

Name: Kody/Omar
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Hobbies: Gaming, Art
Music Taste: Techno or any music like that
Top 3 games: Animal Crossing, Splatoon, I think any Mii games
How you found us: On the tier list