What bothers you the most in New Horizons?

I won’t say the obvious one where they move in front of you when you’re trying to path/terraform. Cast master is one of them, I’ve done it before but it’s such a pain to do. I remember when I did it during easter and the eggs interrupt fishing but don’t count as a fish so I did it on hard mode.

Making an island then months down the line finding you have a super awkward placement of the airport/town hall with the design you want but don’t want to restart.

At least on the bright side, at least villagers don’t move into random locations anymore. They actually used to appear absolutely anywhere :instaregret: so you could have a gold roses flower patch and their house would spawn ON it destroying everything

When I played that game during Easter, I remember how frustrating it was when those eggs kept interrupting my fishing. I had to go into hard mode just to cast my line without them getting in the way. And don’t even get me started on the placement of the airport and town hall on my island! Months later, I realized they were in such awkward spots that didn’t match my design. It was a real headache, but at least they fixed the issue of villagers randomly appearing anywhere.

Yea this happened to me lol I was also going for the 100 fish streak during the egg festival and the eggs DIDNT count towards the total. I got to a 150 streak and was wondering why I didn’t get the achievement. Literally made it even harder for myself