What do you want in the next Animal Crossing?

Now ACNH is sorted dead, here’s a list of all the things i’d like to see in the next game:

  • More Town/Island Biomes: I’d like more types of islands or towns, like complete desert, swamps

  • House: I like the gamecube style house but at the same time I do love loads of space. I never seem to fill an entire house of 6 rooms anyway. So i’d be happy to return to these houses. But this time we should get an enclosed backgarden

  • Camera/Gameplay: This isn’t going to happen but I miss the acres from the old gamecube ac, i’d be happy if they just made the forests have more depth with more detail, perhaps bring the camera in and make it seem more like the trees are towering over you.

  • More Bug/Fish Options: They could expand on the bugs you can catch via different ways, maybe going into caves or putting traps down and prehistoric fish which are still alive swimming on deeper floors. Maybe you could go down in a submarine or something?

  • Better shopping centre: They added that extra place on Harveys island but that was kinda NPCs that just visit you normally in a central location. The auction house in city folk had untapped potential. The new AC should be about giving us more control and let us make our own Shops maybe in some mega world (thinking of Splatoon’s hub area but AC shops). Or create a huge shopping mall which people can open their own stores and they’re all stored on a server, so you can go to random shopping centres and find new shops. Think MMO housing wards.

I kind of feel people should be able to go to someones town when they’re offline, and not a dream of it, because say you boot up your game and a random person had been trekking through your town and has left you things to find and notes. It would feel like a living breathing town that people can come and go and your villagers would comment on them. I’d personally like the surprise of turning my game on and finding someone has visited and gone in that time. It’s kind of like how travelling to someone else’s town on the gamecube was.

Naturally this raises concerns, someone could come in and destroy all your trees overnight. Perhaps restrict the use of tools in other peoples towns through this method.

What would you like to see in a new animal crossing?